Below are comments written by our clients over the years.
published with permission)

Dr. Caldwell is welcoming, conversant, and immediately put me to ease with her compassionate manner and obvious command of her profession.  Dr. Caldwell’s clinical knowledge and treatment modality was inspiring to say the least. Helen C., Sedona AZ


Dr. Caldwell’s well-educated hands went right to the crux of my problem and worked their magic.  I liked Dr. Caldwell’s approach to chiropractic.  Carla K., Part-timer Borrego Springs, CA.


I am no stranger to chiropractor care.  Dr. Caldwell was the first female chiropractor I have been treated by and I must admit from which I have had the most gentle and satisfactory experiences.  I am most pleased to know that I can obtain excellent chiropractic care during the 7 months annually when I live here.  Suzanne H., Part-time Borrego Springs, CA.


I had severe pain in my shoulder that it had me in tears. She taught me how to arrange my desk and adjust the height of my chair to minimize any further damage to my shoulder. Lisa B., Shelter Valley, CA.


I have never had such pain and could hardly walk. A call to Dr. Caldwell yielded an appointment for the next morning and again on Sunday.  What a relief to have that kind of service and care.  Dr. Caldwell was very informative as to what was happening with my muscle spasms and why. Brian N., Alberta Canada.


Dr. Caldwell is an exceptionally well educated, knowledgeable, sensitive, motivating, chiropractor.  I will continue to seek her expertise in maintaining an improved spinal alignment with fewer complaints.  Joelle P., Canada.


Dr. Caldwell is a professional, understanding and good listener.  She detects a problem quickly and makes the necessary adjustments with confidence and ease.  She also clearly explains everything she does.  Elaine Mc., Borrego Springs, CA.


I have been to many chiropractors in my life and I think Dr. Caldwell is, by far, the best one I have ever been treated by.  Her treatments on me were expedient and each treatment was explained before and during treatment.  Coming from a background skeptical of chiropractic, I felt comfortable from day one.  My back is 100% better and now I feel won’t need a back surgery.   Dan S., Eastern WA.


It is unusual for a Chiropractor to take your blood pressure; usually you receive a cursory check amounting to a short interview.  On my initial visit Dr. Caldwell however, BP measurements were taken in both arms followed by one of the most thorough exams I’ve ever had by a practitioner, Chiropractor or otherwise. Gary S., Port Ludlow, WA.


Dr Sylvia Caldwell knows what she is doing.  I am pain free, have more flexibility, and am enjoying my golf game again. Leon F., Borrego Spring, CA.


Dr. Caldwell is one of the best chiropractors I have ever visited.  Her appointments are a full 30 minutes and her massage skills are only exceeded by her manipulation skills. My entire family really enjoys her treatments including my dog. Cecile P., BC Canada.


Thanks, for the good work on my body last week.  I appreciated the way you taught me, and Gene, what you saw going on.  You helped my body move past the painful time, and also I think, dug deeper into the reasons I was having this recurrent problem.  Thanks for helping me healand have more freedom of movement.  It feels great.  Holly G., Part-time Borrego Springs, CA.


I was really impressed how thorough she was in analyzing my problem before starting treatment.  After my first treatment my back felt much better, and I was able to resume golf.  When I return in the fall, the first person I will call is Dr. Caldwell.  She is great.  Gene F., Aurora, IL.


Thanks to you I am able to maintain my snow-bird activities.  You were able to make a difference in my life.  I am back to golfing, walking and doing general activities in the house.  You are so knowledgeable in several areas.  Thanks for being here in Borrego Springs.  Mary O., Salt Lake City, UT.


We are so pleased that we found you during our visit to Borrego Springs. Henry has had regular chiropractic care for a number of years.  He was so impressed with the thoroughness of your exam and the time you took to understand his wellness in addition to the adjustment that he came home and recommended me that I make an appointment with you.  I regret we can’t take you with us. Henry P., and Patty D., Martinez, CA.


She takes the time to learn what is causing her patient’s trouble and has great skill and knowledge to correct them.  I have been able to be active again and enjoy golfing and all activities to be done here in the desert as well as around the house.  Dave J., Marenao, IL.


Dean was treated so respectful! You talked to him with such enthusiasm he responded in way we (the family) could not believe. He walked taller and more confident. Of all the therapies yours was the most effect. You took time and told us how and what you did so we could continue his therapy. Dean K., via Mary O. Part-time Borregans.