What to Expect on your First Visit


I will take a detailed history. Based on your history, I will perform a focused examination consisting of an Orthopedic, Neurological and Chiropractic Examination. I will then report my findings and explain what I discover from the history and examination.


From that information I will develop a specific treatment plan for your condition and case. If after my initial examination I do not feel your condition will benefit from Chiropractic Care I will recommend further work-up referral to a specialist. Please allow up to one hour for your initial visit.


I only use scientifically proven techniques such as “Diversified” (ADA Osseous Adjustments) and the Activator Interment to address joint dysfunctions. I will also perform “Myofascial Release Technique” (MFR), tissue work to address the muscles, ligaments and tendons involved.